Estate Management

LIV Bali is engaged to manage and rent the estate.

Our goal as master manager is to protect your investment, provide the high service standards essential to meeting the expectations of demanding clientele and achieve top ratings in occupancy, yield and customer satisfaction.  An experienced, professional team makes villa services run seamlessly. 

The primary burden of translating the potential of a villa investment into a profitable reality after the sale lies with the management team. Luxury villa ownership should be a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Accordingly, implement structured programs for asset maintenance and protection and for staff training. We deal with the problems so that you and your guests don’t have to.

Marketing systems include a dedicated reservations team, agent relations staff, ground support, and a network that includes booking agents located throughout the world.  Marketing materials are distributed through a variety of channels and enquiries are turned around quickly and accurately.  The presence of agents in both the northern and southern hemispheres help balance seasonal cycles, as the off season of one hemisphere is balanced by the high season of the other.

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